Meaning of “Bored” by Deftones

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Bored” by Deftones explores the themes of dissatisfaction, restlessness, and the search for authenticity in an increasingly superficial world. The song delves into the feelings of being trapped in monotonous situations and relationships that lack depth and meaning. Through powerful lyrics and dynamic instrumentation, Deftones express a longing for something real amid the mundane and the repetitive cycles of life. The message is a call to break free from the constraints of boredom and to find genuine connections and experiences. It’s about the internal struggle to find significance in a world that often feels void of it and the desire to transcend the ordinary to discover something truly valuable. “Bored” is not just about the state of being uninterested; it’s a deeper commentary on the human condition and the quest for something more fulfilling.

Dive deeper into the emotional and introspective journey of “Bored” by Deftones, a song that resonates with anyone who has ever felt trapped by the mundane.

“Bored” Lyrics Meaning

From the opening lines, “Bored” sets a tone of confrontation and transformation. The imagery of spitting and remolding into gold suggests a rejection of one’s current state and a desire to transform into something of value. This process of rebirth and self-improvement is a recurring theme, indicating a struggle to break free from stagnation and to reinvent oneself.

The chorus, “I get bored, I wish for a real one,” is a stark admission of dissatisfaction and a yearning for authenticity. The repetition of “I get bored” serves as a mantra for the frustration and ennui that the narrator feels, while “I wish for a real one” signifies a longing for true connection and meaningful experiences.

The verses oscillate between feelings of repentance and defiance, reflecting the complex emotions that accompany the search for purpose. Lines like “Repent by you, and trust to figure out” and “I burn that gift to you, doll, and let it shine before” suggest a turbulent relationship with the self and others, highlighting the difficulties in navigating personal growth and interpersonal connections.

The song’s bridge, “Pissed and confined, before me, or I, and we come clean, it gets worse, it’s more,” captures a moment of clarity and the messy process of coming to terms with one’s reality. It acknowledges the challenge of confronting the truth about oneself and the world, and the realization that understanding and acceptance may lead to more discomfort before relief.

Throughout “Bored,” Deftones weave a narrative of existential frustration and the quest for something beyond the superficial. The song is a powerful expression of the human desire for depth and meaning in a world that often feels empty and unfulfilling.

Why Was “Bored” Written?

“Bored” was written as an expression of the band’s own experiences with disillusionment and the search for authenticity. At the time of writing, Deftones were navigating the complexities of life in the music industry, personal growth, and the challenges of maintaining genuine connections amidst the pressures of success.

The state of mind of the band was one of introspection and a desire to articulate the feelings of restlessness and the desire for more meaningful experiences. “Bored” is a reflection of the band’s journey towards self-discovery and their critique of the superficiality they observed in the world around them.

Through “Bored,” Deftones invite listeners to reflect on their own lives, encouraging them to seek out authenticity and to embrace the discomfort that often accompanies growth and change. The song serves as a reminder that it’s okay to feel unsatisfied with the status quo and to yearn for something more profound and real.