Meaning of “Blessed Be” by Spiritbox

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Blessed Be” by Spiritbox is a captivating piece brimming with emotions and introspection. The song delves deep into the realm of dependency and insecurity, possibly a reflection of a strained, codependent relationship. The lyrics portray a feeling of being lost and reaching out to something, or someone, as a crutch for preserving life. The songwriter, possibly feeling stuck in a cycle of despair and reliance, repeatedly conveys a sense of self-admitted cowardice. They use vivid imagery, like “Serotonin like a loaded gun,” to paint a picture of the internal battle and the use of chemicals, perhaps as a coping mechanism. The song may not specifically be about one person but more about a general state of mind and emotional state, with a strong sense of longing and struggle entwined in the verses.

Read on to explore the intricate elements, profound meanings, and the context behind the creation of this intriguing song.

“Blessed Be” Lyrics Meaning

Analyzing the song chronologically, it starts with a sense of giving, perhaps a self-sacrifice. The phrase “I say my blessings all for you” suggests a devotion or a relinquishment, possibly hinting at the imbalance in the relationship dynamics. There’s a palpable fading, a diminishing of self, evident in “I feel it fade from the inside.” It depicts a state of vulnerability, a reaching out “to adore you,” which is contrasted sharply with the acknowledgement of using “everything” as “a crutch to preserve life.”

“Serotonin like a loaded gun” is particularly compelling. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation, depicted as a loaded gun, brings forth a powerful imagery of a turbulent emotional state, possibly symbolizing the struggle with mental health and happiness. The admission, “I am a coward,” conveys a sense of self-awareness and a realization of one’s own inadequacies and dependency, perhaps indicating an internal battle with oneself.

The recurring “Blessed be” along with “I could survive in these chemicals for you” implies a sense of desperation and survival, relying on external influences, perhaps chemical or emotional, for the sake of another. It showcases a profound loneliness and a desire to reach out, to be just within reach of something or someone, indicating a deep longing and a profound sense of solitude.

The lyrics also bring forward the theme of being consumed and entombed, “in catacombs of restless bones,” hinting at the internal unrest and a feeling of being trapped within oneself, possibly a reflection of internal turmoil and a constant struggle with one’s thoughts and emotions. It’s a cry, a waiting, “this is my home, I’m waiting here for you,” symbolizing a lingering hope or expectation for a return, or a connection, that might bring solace.

Why Was “Blessed Be” Written?

Delving into why “Blessed Be” was written helps in grasping the underlying emotions and thought processes involved in its creation. The writer seems to be in a state of profound introspection and perhaps emotional pain or turmoil at the time of writing this song. The depiction of dependency, self-admitted cowardice, and usage of vivid, powerful imagery like “Serotonin like a loaded gun” and “in catacombs of restless bones” imply a deeper struggle, perhaps with mental health or a strained relationship.

The frequent references to being “a lonely fool above,” just out of reach, and surviving in chemicals “only for you,” reflect a state of longing and a struggle with solitude and dependency. This background potentially reflects the mind state of the writer, filled with a sense of insecurity, a battle with one’s self, and a deep, prevailing sense of loneliness and dependency. The weaving of these elements enriches our understanding of the song and brings forth the intricate tapestry of emotions and thoughts embedded in “Blessed Be” by Spiritbox.