Meaning of “Best Friend” by Rex Orange County

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Best Friend” by Rex Orange County is about the complexities of love and friendship. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, delving into feelings of loneliness even when surrounded by people who love you. The songwriter talks about wanting to be someone’s “favorite boy,” but also admits to darker, conflicting feelings. The song likely stems from a personal experience, wrestling with the realities of emotions that can be both tender and selfish. It encourages you to love someone for who they are and not just because they’re “cool.”

Can’t resist a good song analysis? Stick around. We’re diving deep into what makes “Best Friend” a lyrical treasure trove.

“Best Friend” Lyrics Meaning

Starting off, “I should’ve stayed at home ’cause right now I see all these people that love me, But I still feel alone” sets the mood. It captures the essence of loneliness in a crowd, that feeling of being surrounded but still utterly isolated. It’s as if he’s yearning for a specific type of connection he hasn’t found yet.

Then comes “I could’ve made you mine But no, it wasn’t meant to be.” This tells us about missed opportunities, the what-ifs that plague us. Rex acknowledges that while things might have “seemed so easy,” they weren’t meant to be. This sort of maturity in understanding is echoed later when he advises “Love someone for loving you instead of someone really cool That makes your heart melt.” Rex Orange County is suggesting that love isn’t about chasing the coolest person in the room but finding a genuine emotional connection.

But then, the mood switches. The lyrics “And that’s because I want to be your favorite boy” suggest a craving for validation and a need to be the most important person in someone’s life. Interestingly, this desire for emotional primacy is juxtaposed with the line, “But I still want to break your heart and make you cry,” revealing a conflict within himself, the juxtaposition of wanting to be loved but also the urge to cause emotional harm.

The climax of the song “You’re going to want to be my best friend, baby” rounds off the cycle. It seems like an acknowledgment that their relationship might never go beyond friendship, yet a friendship with such emotional depth that it becomes incomparable.

Why Was “Best Friend” Written?

Understanding the backdrop of the song gives it even more layers. Rex Orange County was dealing with fame and the sense of isolation that often accompanies it when he wrote “Best Friend.” Being in the spotlight, he could easily feel loved yet incredibly lonely. That dissonance likely fueled the conflicting emotions in the song. Rex wrestles with both wanting to be the center of attention and questioning the worth of such attention.

In conclusion, “Best Friend” is not just a song but a layered narrative of complex feelings, revealing the messiness and conflicting desires that come with love and friendship.