Meaning of “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” by Tyler, The Creator

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

Tyler, The Creator’s song “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” is a deeply emotional exploration of the tension that arises when relationships, romantic or otherwise, begin to fade or transform. It’s about questioning the status of a relationship and the discomfort that comes with not knowing where you stand. Whether it’s a friendship that’s fading or a romantic relationship that’s ended, the song conveys the raw desperation of wanting to hold onto something that might already be gone. Tyler seems to ask, “Can we at least be friends if we can’t be anything else?” It’s a universal sentiment that captures the awkward, painful moments we’ve all been in at some point.

Craving a deep dive into Tyler, The Creator’s song? Read on to explore the layers hidden within the lyrics of “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” You won’t be disappointed.

“ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? ”Lyrics Meaning

Tyler, The Creator is no stranger to crafting deep, thought-provoking music, and “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” is no exception. The lyrics open with an ethereal, almost nostalgic invocation of dreams. The word “dream” repeated might signify lost possibilities or the dream-like state of a fading relationship.

The core question, “Are we still friends?” is simple, but loaded. It’s the elephant in the room when a relationship starts to wobble. Tyler keeps coming back to this question, like a refrain, highlighting its importance and urgency. “I’ve got to kn-, know,” he stutters, breaking up the line to show just how hard it is to even ask that question.

Tyler’s lyrics then venture into the fears of being completely cut off: “If we can see each other, shake your hand, say hi.” It shows how something as simple as a greeting becomes a complicated matter when the dynamics of a relationship change.

“Your power is drained, so you cannot go through walls.” Here Tyler paints an image of emotional exhaustion. It’s like being stuck in a maze with barriers too thick to break through.

The lyric, “I don’t want to end this season on a bad episode,” uses TV season metaphors to talk about chapters in life. He doesn’t want a relationship to end on a sour note, which anyone can relate to.

“I still wanna say hi,” Tyler croons towards the end, reiterating the core wish. Even if things have changed, even if the relationship is not what it once was, he wants to maintain some form of connection. It’s a plea, a last effort to keep a bond alive.

Why Was “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? ” Written?

When Tyler, The Creator wrote “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?,” he was at a point in his life where he was exploring complex emotions and relationships. The song comes from his fifth studio album, “IGOR,” which itself is an exploration of the highs and lows of love and relationship dynamics. “IGOR” is an album that marks a significant evolution in Tyler’s artistic journey, and “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” captures the raw vulnerability that comes with questioning the state of one’s connections. It’s an emotion-packed closer to an album that is a rollercoaster ride through the complexities of love and friendship.