Meaning of “7 Years” by Lukas Graham

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“7 Years” by Lukas Graham is a soul-touching narrative that walks us through different stages of the lead singer’s life, Lukas Forchhammer. This song is packed with reflections on aging, aspirations, and the passing of time. It’s about the journey of life, the people we encounter, the memories we make, and the lessons we learn. The lyrics reflect personal experiences, shaping a timeline of learning, loving, and living. It echoes the wisdom imparted by Lukas’ parents and the inevitable ponderings on life, legacies, and the future. The singer is candid about his dreams, relationships, and losses, offering a universal message about appreciating the journey of life.

Craving a deep dive into this heart-wrenching narrative? Find out how every word echoes decades of life, unwrapping layers of emotions and stories. Uncover the poignant tales hidden in this melody.

“7 Years” Lyrics Meaning

“7 Years” begins with the words of a mother to her seven-year-old, emphasizing the importance of friendships. The message is simple yet profound; friendships are crucial to combat loneliness. This stage of life is depicted as innocent and explorative, a time of learning and pushing boundaries.

As he ages to 11, the lyrics depict a transition, involving experimentation with substances and an emerging desire for stability, marked by his father’s advice to find a wife to avoid loneliness. This is a pivotal moment, reflecting the shift from childhood to adolescence, characterized by rebellion, exploration, and the pursuit of one’s path. The lyrics also reveal a strong connection to his father and his dreams, and a yearning to be truly understood, emphasizing that only those he really loves will ever really know him.

At 20, Lukas’ life starts unfolding, and his journey of self-discovery through songwriting is highlighted. He shares his ambitions and his beliefs, stating that he sees his goals and doesn’t believe in failure. This is a representation of the resilience and hope that characterize young adulthood. His focus is on writing, a form of expression that allows him to reflect and understand the world around him, his feelings, thoughts, and experiences. The mention of his friends signifies the importance of companionship and shared experiences.

The narrative then leaps to a contemplation of the future, mentioning being 30 and traveling the world with his songs. Lukas’ reflections on learning about life, having children, and continuing to sing his songs and tell his stories illustrate a sense of maturity and fulfillment. This section is a homage to the journey of life, depicting moments of joy, sorrow, loss, and achievement, and expressing hope for a future filled with warmth and familial love.

At 60, the lyrics dive deep into musings about aging, life, and death. It’s a reflection on the coldness of the world and a hope for warmth through children. It’s a contemplation of life’s cycles, and the joy and connection found in family ties.

Why Was “7 Years” Written?

“7 Years” is not merely a musical composition; it’s a profound exploration into Lukas Graham’s soul. It’s clear that the song was written from a place of deep reflection. The changing perspectives in the lyrics portray Lukas at different ages, allowing the listeners to walk in his shoes, feel his joys, his sorrows, and his hopes. The vivid details indicate that this song is Lukas’ way of connecting with his roots, paying tribute to his upbringing, and sharing the wisdom he has garnered.

Lukas was in a reflective state of mind, contemplating his life journey, the lessons learned, and the people who have been integral in his life journey. The lyrics encapsulate experiences and emotions, offering them as universal lessons on life and love. This song is a beautiful fusion of personal experiences and universal truths, making it relatable and resonant with people from all walks of life. The exploration of different life stages, the contemplation of future, and the reflections on the past all contribute to the song’s depth and richness, providing listeners with a multifaceted view of life’s journey.